Good Willie Barber Shop's Dimas Beka clinched The 4th Place at The 1st Gatsby Barbers Competition 

as The Most Choices Winner Se-Jabodetabek, December 21st 2015 @Rolling Stone Cafe, Kemang, Jakarta.

Congratulations brother!

Good willie barber shop,  media release

Salah satu slogan yang dipasang di dinding Good Willie Barbershop memelesetkan slogan kampanye Donald Trump: We Make Your Hair Great Again. Salon cukur rambut ini baru berumur tiga tahun, tapi sejumlah artis jadi pelanggannya, misalnya Teuku Rifnu Wikana, Didin Bagito, dan Pasha van Krab.

-Citated From detikx.com (https://x.detik.com/detail/intermeso/20170105/Tukang-Cukur-Jenderal-Artis-dan-Menteri/index.php)

You And Your Friends Need a Haircut!

        Razor sharp parts, big pompadours, tight side fenders, meticulously combed DAs, and hair plastered straight back. It's a town that is stuck in the early years of Rock 'n' Roll and in the days of Rudolph Valentino. There's a barbershop on every corner serving up a hefty greasing with pomade or a soaking with hair tonic. The library has stories to arouse your fantasies and the stores all sell "greasy kids stuff."

        Haircuts are a bigger deal than most people realize. They can sharpen you up, prepare you for a big event, make you feel better after a tough day, and make that pretty lady notice you. If you want to get it done right, on the cheap, with a little guy talk before hand, Hi-Rollers is your best option in Las Vegas. Hell, it might be your best option anywhere.

-Citated From vegaschatter.com and slickville.com


        "Barbering is a lost profession. Being a barber is about taking care of the people. You work for your patrons, not for your ego."
So says Bertus of Schorem, Haarsnijder en Barbier, an old fashioned barber shop that is changing the face of men's grooming in Holland, one haircut at a time.
        Bertus founded the shop in 2011 with his friend Leen, after scribbling an ad-hoc business plan on the back of beer mats. Four years later, Schorem – which means 'scumbag' in English – now attracts hundreds of clients to its Rotterdam premises every day.
        So successful has it become that people have started travelling from across Europe for the chance to lie back in one of Schorem's classic barber shop chairs and receive an expert service from one of its trendy and tattooed barbers.
        Schorem's modus operandi is simple. Instead of arduously explaining what they want, patrons choose a haircut from a menu of 12 available styles, with options ranging from the swished back 'Vanguard' to the quiff-tastic 'Scumpadour'.
"We don't take women clients," explains Bertus. "Our customers know we are dedicated to their needs alone. We want men to feel comfortable and get the best service anywhere."
        "When we come here in the morning, there will be 20 guys waiting in front of the shop. Every day. It's not all about the haircuts, it's about being part of the thing that's happening here.
"Men need a place to be men. That's why we started the shop."